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I am very excited to announce the launch of a structured program that will help many more working professionals move from surviving to thriving in their careers (Achieving Career Success)

The Career Mastery Program (CMP) is a 6 weeks online course starting in the first week of February, developed around 12 pillars that guarantee career success.

So, how long have you postponed your dream of finally doing what you have always wanted to do when it comes to work? Do you feel depressed when you see someone who is practically living your dream and yet you seem to have every good excuse why you have not been able to do it?

Well, why don’t you join those who Jimi has helped in successfully transiting from having a paid job to running their own business successfully?

This is one program where the facilitator has walked his talk. As an ex-banker earning close to N20 Million per annum, Jimi successfully transited from that job to becoming one of Nigeria’s leading coaches and public speakers.

This 6 week intensive program is designed around a career transition model that Jimi has used personally and has used to help many people take the leap into setting up and running their own enterprise

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