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What will your Career Story be like this year?

Over the last ten (10) years, I have studied and been involved with coaching young professionals in their career. Today, I can point at several working professionals who are doing well in their field that are products of certain concepts I have taught them over the years.

I am very excited to announce the launch of a structured program that will help many more working professionals move from surviving to thriving in their careers (Achieving Career Success)

In my estimation, 6 out of 10 working professionals are simply handling their career as it comes. They are not very strategic about it.
Being Intentional in anything will give you better results.
Being intentional however requires you have appropriate and adequate knowledge.

The Career Mastery Program (CMP) is a 6 weeks online course starting February 6, 2017, developed around 12 pillars that guarantee career success. Some of these pillars are:

– Having a Career Vision
– Building a Strong Network (Internal & External)
– Leveraging Your Uniqueness
– Consistent Motivation
– Ownership

The other seven will be unveiled and dissected in this program which starts in the first week of February.

I have used this curriculum to coach lots of working professionals who are now in Senior Management. If it can work for them, it can work for you too.

Class participation is limited and will be restricted once limit is reached. Because it is online, you can participate in class sessions from anywhere in the world.

This year can be that year where your career grew exponentially. For me, that year was 2007 and it has not stopped since then.

The course fee is N35,000

Its time to stop whining and just desiring.. Its time to have an amazing career experience.

If this post tugged at your heart, do not procrastinate. Subscribe today and let’s get started on an amazing career journey.

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When you postpone your possibilities, you miss your opportunities.

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