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It’s time to be FREE!

This is one career event that you do not want to miss especially if you desire to experience a radical transformation in your career in 2017. With the major shakeup going on in the economy and even the irrational and not too favorable decisions taken by the management of certain organizations, what your career experience turns out to be is largely influenced by your response to your realities.

This one day event is set to move you from Enduring your work to Enjoying it. If you also desire to start your own enterprise this year, even while you are working, our lineup of speakers and panelists will leave you with confidence and wisdom on how to navigate and negotiate your progress. I will begin to unveil the speakers and panelists in a few days but if you have ever been to any event I have organized, then please believe me when I say this particular one will be the best so far.

It holds here in Lagos, but those outside will be able to participate via an exclusive online link from any location in the world.

Why don’t you take one day off to refocus and reposition yourself for your new and improved career experience

Mark your calendar and start preparing for this event in February 2017.

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