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This event brings a shift in paradigm on what employment really is and seeks to show job seekers that there are more job opportunities in Nigeria than there are people seeking for them. Defining employment as the engagement of an individual’s skills, knowledge and attributes in productive endeavours, the Get Employed initiative does an exposé on six alternative employment areas that can ensure that Nigerians are productively employed no matter the condition of economy. These areas are

  • Getting a Job;
  • Starting a Business;
  • Starting an NGO or Social Enterprise;
  • Talent Based Enterprises;
  • Going Back to School; and
  • Volunteerism

The Get Employed initiative/event comes with a companion 140 page book  that contains details on the six alternative areas of employment and how job seekers can engage them. This book and the event are meant to run in universities in Nigeria and with the Youth Service scheme.